In July 2008, I picked up a copy of Martha Stewart's Cookies at the University of Illinois Bookstore while I was in the area looking at apartments.  Upon returning home and looking through the book, I decided that I  would work my way through the book, one recipe per week, for several reasons:

  1. Everything (or nearly everything) looked like it would taste really good.
  2. I was impressed by the variety of textures and tastes available in the recipes.
  3. Sufficient practice would make me able to whip up any cookie with any ingredients (the sign of a truly good cook is that they can improvise).
  4. A long project would give me continuity as I started graduate school.
  5. Everyone likes cookies!
If all goes as planned, it will take me about 3.5 years to complete each of the 175 recipes (note: after counting I've realized there are only 173 recipes.  Boo to false advertising).  I write this blog in order to keep track of this time.  My main focus is to comment on the cookies I bake - if the recipe made sense or had typos, substitutions or where to purchase specialty ingredients, and what the cookies actually taste like - but I also get the opportunity to share some of my other interests and to see how my life (and maybe even writing style) changes in this time.


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