Unbaked, these kind of looked like bacon...

Now is a very busy time for me, so I'll skip my usual small talk and go straight to cookie discussion:

92. Striped Icebox Cookies
You may be looking at the picture there and wondering how one achieves stripes in cookies like that.  There is a pretty simple explanation: the cookie dough is separated into four parts, rolled out into long rectangles, and frozen.  Then a mixture of dried cherries and cherry jam is spread on one rectangle, another is placed on top, a layer of cherry mixture is spread on top, and so on until the four-layer sandwich is complete.  This goes back in the freezer.  After an hour, the "sandwich" is sliced into 1/4" thick pieces, and we have striped cookies!  I overcooked these guys a little, but I still think they're pretty good.  The dough part is nice and crunchy, due in part to the cornmeal in it, and the cherry stuff gives a nice sweet and sticky contrast.  I will say, however, that I once again do not appreciate the use of dried cherries in the recipe, as I think it could work just fine (and taste almost exactly the same) with only jam, and would thus save me $4.  Aside from the unnecessary cost, I think these are good cookies, and would be nice for some kind of picnic or other occasion that calls for a crunchy cookie that won't fall apart easily.

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  1. Depends on how you prep the cherries.

    If you end up with a jam-like mixture (presumably mascerated at least a little, then mushed up), then yes, you probably could have gotten away with jam. Or at least chunky jam. The downside though, of course, is the pectin and whatever other kind of perserves in there that makes it jam.

    Will it work? Yes. Probably. (I've never actually attempted to bake with jam before in a cookie, so I can't say definitively). But, in my experience also though, once you heat jam up, they tend to liquify and ooze. Not pretty. (Don't get it on any clothing as it most unlikely come off - ever. Or at least I wouldn't recommend it.)

    (Fresh fruit on the other than, stands a chance cuz a bucket of cold water and go to town, and if you throw it in the wash right away, even better still. At least MOST fresh fruits. Haven't tested this hypothesis out either, but I think that most berries should or ought to. That's what aprons and chef's jackets are for!!!)

    The other benefit to doing your own - you can adjust for the amount of sugar (important if you have hyperactive kids or diabetes or just plain don't like things that are TOO sweet). I typically end up having to cut the sugar by between 1/4 to 1/3. Taste the fruit, not the sugar.

    Again, depends on the prep for the fruit.



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