Vegetable Adventures, Week 1

In the interest of eating more produce, supporting local farms, and forcing myself to be even more creative in the summer, I signed up for a farmshare this summer.  Yesterday was the first pickup day, and because I like to post my culinary adventures, I've decided to share what I get and what I do with it.  So here goes:

This week's takings.  Labels start from top left and continue clockwise. Not pictured: asparagus

Mustard Greens: lightly sauteed with browned onion and garlic, seasoned with sesame oil and salt, following the instructions here.  So good.  But I'm a little afraid I was mostly tasting the onions and sesame.

Radishes: eaten raw with a little salt.  These being spring radishes, their flavor is a lot milder than the kind you find at the grocery store.

Lettuce: part of a couple (fake) egg salad sandwiches.

Mint: 1 spring eaten as-is (it was so tasty), 2 sprigs in a jar to hopefully take root (it does not look good), 2 sprigs used with other leftover mint to make raspberry mint lemonade (recipe here).

Swiss Chard: Chopped and steamed for about 10 minutes, following the instructions from this blog.  The result tastes a lot like steamed spinach.  The stems taste really good, though the leaves are a little bland when cooked...

Asparagus: Chopped, roasted in the oven for 10 minutes, and then added to spaghetti and a sweetened balsamic reduction following this amazing recipe (minus the parmesan).  Seriously, if you have asparagus, make this.  I have never tasted pasta so delicious.

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