Finally up to date... at least for now

Tonight I found myself with a little bit of free time, and not a whole lot that I could actually do. You may have noticed by now that I've been catching up on my backlog. In order to close that off completely, I'll update for last weekend as well (because, let's face it, I don't really feel like reading my sewing machine manual right now).

Last Sunday (because Saturday was too busy) I made chocolate pretzels (67). These get their chocolate flavor from Dutched cocoa and a little bit of espresso powder. To make these, a bunch of basic ingredients, although, hardly any sugar, are mixed together, chilled, and then cut into pieces, which had to be rolled out and then shaped. The sparklies on the top are not salt, as some of my friends guessed, but sanding sugar.

I thought these cookies were alright, not as crunchy as I hoped they would be, and after the complex flavors from the past couple weeks, I wasn't ready for something this simple.

That's okay, though, I have plenty of other complex things to work out, both in research and in home things.

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