Some days the interesting things that happen are actually interesting

Most of my anecdotes are pretty trivial, or, as some would say, I tell a lot of five dollar stories*.  Stories about my day usually go something like this: I made it to work something like on time, figured out some of my homework problems, learned interesting things in astrophysics, punched the air in kickboxing, came home and wasted time.

With minor variations, my days are just about the same.  So when someone asks me what's new, I don't really have anything for them.

Until today.

On the bus home from kickboxing, I was killing time with a cute little RPG on my ipod, when all of a sudden, SCRRAAAAAAAPE goes the bus and everyone is freaking out.  When I look up, I see that about 8ft in front of me there is a hole in the bottom of the bus.  Apparently what happened is that a loose manhole cover was tipped up enough by the bus wheel going over it to get caught between the road and the bottom of the bus.  It then proceeded to rip a hole in the bus as it was dragged along for several feet.  All of us riding the bus had to fill out a little card saying what happened, I wrote the accident cause down as "rogue pothole".

This day was much better than the time the bike rack fell off the front of the bus.

Now, if the World Series can just end so I can do regular things on Wednesdays, like watch Glee.

*when someone tells a story that has no point and realizes it, they can rescue the story by saying "and then I found five dollars", hence, a five dollar story.

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  1. I've never heard of a bus playing Tiddley Winks with manhole covers!



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