My 13-year-old self would be so proud of me today

Back in 1999, the New Millennium was a very big deal.  And so, to get middle school children everywhere fired up about it, my planner had a little time capsule thing in it where you answer some questions or something like that.  On October 27, 1999 I filled it out and wrote the date to open: January 27, 2010.  That day has come and gone, and I have opened my time capsule, to much amusement.  Here's the contents [and some comments]:

Our Health is Our Wealth: Live Fit

My fitness goal for 6 months from now is:
To lose 20 lbs. [that was never going to happen.  I knew I was chubby but I didn't actually care enough to do anything at the time]

One sports figure who represents who I would like to be:
???? [Didn't watch sports, and now that I do, well, I don't actually want to be a football or hockey player]

3 junk foods I like but should eat less of:
-Suckers [Wow, it's been a while since I've had one]
-Chocolate [I will never give it up]
-Chips [I developed a dislike for most a while ago]

Addictions are unhealthy.  To me, these are the 3 worst addictions:
-Cigarettes [I was so straightlaced, my mom had nothing to worry about]

Average zzz's I GET each night:
10 [sigh... those were good days]

Average zzz's I NEED each night:
10 [this may still be true, but I'm hoping not, since there's not enough hours in the day]

2 things I do to relax:
Read [yes]
Play Solitaire [I played on the computer.  Now I have a Mac and don't bother]

Stuff my friends and I like to do includes:
be wierd[sic], sing, see movies
[It took me until college to realize that the "i" goes after the "e" in weird...]

3 things I like doing that help me stay fit:
-Ride my bike
-bounce around [hooray for being hyper!]

Dare to Care: Love of Life

My 2 best friends:
LNER CRAWFORD [we're still in touch]
Jessica Croy

What random act of kindness have I done lately?
helping my brother with his homework

What are 3 things people do that I see as hurtful?
-be violent
-put downs

2 issues I care deeply about:
- Existence of fairies/mermaids [okay I had some escapist issues at the time, and read too many fantasy stories]

My pet peeve:
People who use bad grammar

Find happiness in small things.  What did I enjoy today?
-Art class
-Riding my bike
-Watching Toonami [these were the early days of Toonami, when Cartoon Network showed the awesome cartoons from 4-6pm]

People who care about me:

Live & Learn: Grow to Know

3 things I enjoy learning about:

3 new skills I want to learn:
-dancing [finally got to that one in college]

What 3 books do I want to read:
-High Wizardry
-Harry Potter [it was new and I'd never read it.  after I read it I decided it was bad and stopped caring]

My best learning resources:
AOL, Encarta, books [dumb question]

Favorite subject:

3 things I want to achieve in my life:
-Being famous [don't care anymore]
-a college degree [got it, working on another]
-graduating w honors [got it]

What 2 things do I need to learn to be successful in my eyes?
better study skills, better vocal skills

Leave a Legacy: Our Future is Key

Time travel: what am I doing in 10 years?
I think I will be in college 10 years from now, studying like crazy [YES]

What I would like people to remember about me:
I don't know.  I just want to be remembered in a positive way.

3 things I'm proud of about myself:
-I sing
-I'm good at lots of stuff
-I'm smart

This is what I wish to contribute to society:
I want to be a singer or make a major scientific discovery. [hahaha my goals are almost exactly the same]

Memories & Stuff

The magazine I like best:

What I would by with an extra:
$5: glittery pens
$20: art supplies
$50: bellbottoms [I was top of cool]

My coolest day this year was when...
Arnold Swartzenagger [sic] came to Ponce + I sang the national anthem + got to shake his hand [I didn't really think it was a super big deal but it was a pretty boring year]

2 TV shows I never miss:
Sailor Moon, Reboot

The coolest thing I wear:
my butterfly dress [I don't remember this], my Gap tank top [was not cool at all]

Today's goofiest fashion craze:
butterflies, spiky hair

What kind of computer do I use at...
School: Dell
Home: Microsoft Windows 95 (a fried laptop) [got the blue screen of death while writing an English paper]

The vehicle I would choose for myself:
BMW convertible [I don't know the answer to this question anymore..]

My friends will remember me most for:
being weird, singing [I dunno, you tell me]

The class I like most:
'Cuz I like math.

My sport:

top 3 tunes...
All-Star, Call and Answer, Beautiful Stranger

Junk foods: what do I buy? what does it cost?
TicTacs 60c
gum $1

Millennium Mission: "to Be the BEst you can Be" [sic]

A Mission Statement helps you to focus on the kind of person you want to be.  Complete the Time Capsule questions and then create your own Personal Mission Statement:
I want to be an important person.  I want people to remember me a long time after I'm gone.  What I really want is to change lives through signing, or science, or something else like that.

And here is a picture that was inside, written on the back: "All the cousins, July 4, 1999" That was a long time ago....

While reading all that, I laughed so hard... for all that I know I've grown up and things, it turns out that I am still EXACTLY THE SAME.  Maybe I've picked up a little confidence (and, in a funny contradictory way, some humility too I think), but the things I want to do haven't changed, and I've been so blessed with opportunities to pursue Physics, to have vocal training, to take dance classes, and to spend so much time with the people I love.  It's a little tempting to go through this set of questions and answer them again, but I'm not sure they're the right questions for me now.

Needless to say, I'm kind of amazed that I've gone just where I thought I would go, and am encouraged that it is possible to grow more and more into the kind of person I want to be.

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