sewing fun!

So I'm super backlogged again, and although it's not entirely the case, I'm willing to blame it on my boyfriend.  This isn't such a bad thing - I still bake on time, but it's been difficult to find the extra time in an already-overflowing schedule to post the picture I've taken.  Any free time that I imagine I might have tends to go to Phil, and this is an extra case of that happening: both of us are all disdainful about Valentine's Day and the associated commercialism, and so we decided to do inexpensive things for each other, and mostly to use the day to enjoy each other's company.  I, being stubborn, decided he absolutely had to have a stupid stuffed animal holding a heart.  Not wanting to pay Hallmark for a gorilla or something, I took a sewing pattern I bought a while ago, and the loudest fleece I could find, and sewed together the little guy pictured here.  I'm very proud of my work, especially considering that it only took me a few hours, and am considering making another with the left-over fabric.

In other craft news, I stumbled on this knitting pattern the other day, and am kind of excited about making it.

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